"Staged in an intimate, plain gallery space decorated with little more than a smudge of lipstick on one wall and a snarling boar’s head mounted on another, this “Alcina,” seen on Sunday, elegantly and entertainingly conjured a catalog of human emotions in its collision of confused, desperate lovers. The designs were ingenious, including Paul Tate dePoo’s deceptively simple set, full of clever exits and entrances; Terese Wadden’s stylish costumes; JAX Messenger’s lighting, which did a great deal with very little; and Dave Bova’s evocative hair and makeup."

- The New York Times


"Artistic values triumphed last weekend when R.B. Schlather directed a unique presentation of Handel's Alcina--and without sacrificing musical values, thanks to a strong cast of singers andan octet of fine musicians under the direction of Geoffrey McDonald who conducted with admirable verve.The atmosphere was casual with musicians and conductor clad in grey t-shirts and a mostly young audience crammed into a black box space painted white.  The stage at the far end was raised high enough for everyone to have a good view and the singers entered from below.  Scenography by Paul Tate DePoo comprised only a short staircase and the head of a fierce wild boar mounted on a side wall, representative of one of Alcina's lovers whom she had transformed. JAX Messenger's lighting was atmospheric."

- The Opera Insider






Direction By: 

R.B. Schlather


Paul Tate dePoo III

Costume Design: 

Terese Wadden

Lighting Design: 

JAX Messenger


Whitebox Art Center is pleased to present the work of opera director R.B. Schlather as part of WhiteboxLab: SoundLounge, a series of unconventional works. For two weeks, Whitebox’s main exhibition space will be a laboratory for the rehearsal and performance of an operatic score, culminating in two performances of George Frideric Handel’s Alcina, an 18th century baroque opera.