"Maltz Jupiter Theatre's production of 'Annie' rivals Broadway production: The stunning sets by Paul Tate dePoo III may put us back into a depression, but not for long. Daddy Warbuck's mansion with grand winding spiral staircase, decorated for Chistmas is sure to be a breathtaking moment for all. Maltz Jupiter Theatre has got a "new deal" President Roosevelt, and it is not just the glorious sets."

- The Examiner


"Paramount to this successful production of 'Annie' is the group of kids full of spunk as they prank their hapless keeper Miss Hannigan. (Vicki Lewis) The strong supporting cast as well as the gorgeously detailed design in Paul Tate dePoo III's set drive this production to be a real gem of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre's season."

- Broadway World

"The production elements are superb. A separate mention is due Paul Tate Depoo III’s evocative set designs so deftly executed by the Maltz’s carpenters, painters and tech team. The orphanage is a grimy cesspool worthy of a Florida DCF facility and Warbucks’ mansion is as elegantly grand as one of the hovels down the road on Hillsboro Beach."

- Florida Theatre Onstage

"The sets by Paul Tate Depoo III suggest the show’s many locations while allowing for seamless transitions. The same goes for the staging of Mark Martino, who understands the importance of keeping “Annie” on the move."

- The Palm Beach Post




Directed By:

Mark Martino

Scenic Design: 

Paul Tate dePoo III

Costume Design:

Gail Baldoni

Lighting Design:

Donald Thompson


Carbonell Award Nominee: Best Scenic Design


* An American pop culture phenomenon inspired by the depression-era comic strip by Harold Gray, Annie follows the story of an optimistic orphan, Annie, who is terrorized by miserable orphanage matron Miss Hannigan. Annie finds a faithful companion in a stray dog, Sandy, and eventually an unlikely father in billionaire Oliver Warbucks, whose heart melts when he meets the spunky redhead.