"If you think you know this musical, or think you’ve seen it, think again because under the fine Direction of Tina Marie Casamento and Musical Direction of David Libby, this previously dated musical has undergone a face-lift that makes it surprisingly rejuvenating and brilliantly accessible to the modern audience.With just one set to cover 50 years of marriage, Scenic Designer Paul Tate DePoo III captures the essence of marital woe and bliss all under one roof. The bedroom, with a large bed center stage, features an oversized headboard that is shaped like the silhouette of a house. DePoo, working in tandem with Lighting Designer Jimmy Lawlor, utilizes this headboard silhouette not only to represent the marital bed but the other rooms of the large house in which our couple lives. Lawlor lights up panels of the headboard, which DePoo has sectioned off like rooms of the house— each one a different pattern of era-appropriate wallpaper— and blinks them on and off when our characters are speaking to each other from off stage. This creates the illusion of other rooms and calling to one another from said rooms without having to put elaborate efforts into excessive set design. Lawlor also provides a beautiful light projection of stained glass for both the church weddings scenes; flooding the stage with a majestic and pious pride."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts


"That simple set with the four-poster bed? Turns out it’s not so simple. Being a professional theater company, Infinity knows how to get the most out of a set, and does so with this one. What appears to be just a big headboard, for example, turns into everything from the altar of a church to a quilt of lights mimicking Agnes’ and Michael’s raised voices in the same ritual married couples everywhere have engaged in since time began: talking past each other from opposite sides of the house."

- Bay Weekly 





Directed By:

Tina Marie Casamento Libby

Scenic Design:

Paul Tate dePoo III

Costume Design:

Tristan Raines

Lighting Design:

Jimmy Lawlor