"Glitter and sequins and spandex, oh my! A giant glittering G hangs above the stage of the Davenport Theatre, the proscenium decked out in what appears to be metallic pink wrapping paper. This is the set for the off-Broadway revival of Pageant, a musical comedy from Bill Russell, Frank Kelly, and Albert Evans (The Texas Chainsaw Musical) that takes aim at the exciting world of beauty pageants. Watching this show is kind of like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory: You'll probably laugh, but then feel a little gross afterward for doing so."

- Theatre Mania 

"Pageant flirts with satire, and beauty contests are easy targets. But the musical adds a colorful new dimension to old territory. This time everyone is crowned a queen—in more ways than one."

-  The New York Observer 




Directed By:

Matt Lenz

Choreography By:

Shea Sullivan 

Scenic Design:

Paul Tate dePoo III 

Costume Design:

Stephen Yearick

Lighting Design:

Paul Miller