"Exposed brick above, a bottomless pit below, and bracketed by gilt splinters of a titanic rococo picture frame, Paul Tate dePoo III's splendid scenic design gives the impression of a frozen world, rusting in free fall."

- The Boston Globe

"The production is absolutely dazzling. The director is brilliant, and the scenic designer designed one of the most beautiful sets that I have ever seen. It could easily hold its own on any opera stage in the world. 

- Tobias Picker , Composer



BOSTON . 2010



Tobias Picker       


James Petosa

Scenic Design:

 Paul Tate dePoo III    

Costume Design:

Erik Reagan Teague  

Lighting Design: 

Nelson Emig


* Love surrenders to lust in this scandalous tale of primal appetites, embraced by a lavish, sensual score that mirrors the lovers’ turbulent affair. Thérése, bound by an unhappy marriage, falls deeply in love with an old friend, but romance turns to madness when they commit a crime that will haunt them forever. Join us for a deadly ménage a trois in what Opera Now calls “a meaningful opera infused with moments of searing reflection and luxurious sensuality."