"Paul Tate dePoo III's set elicited gasps when the curtain rose to reveal the Roses' home, a spacious manse of marble tile and handcrafted moldings. After each fight, the lights go out to the sounds of shattered porcelain and torn paintings and then go up again to reveal the material damage inflicted."

-  Theatre Jones

"Bud Martin effectively divides the stage with a large proscenium drop to allow the exquisitely appointed mansion interior, courtesy of Scenic Designer, Paul Tate DePoo III, to be lusciously revealed to rousing applause."

-  Broadway World

"The evening’s early scenes are played under a monumental proscenium frame in front of a curtain that rises to reveal yet another star – the stunning McMansion-style set by Paul Tate DePoo III that has a life of its own. Anchored by a glittering chandelier, the setting – a technical tour de force – gets (and deserves) its own round of applause."

- DelawareOnline

 "Midway through act one, we're dramatically introduced to the House, an ornate two-level mansion that elicits many oohs and ahhs, designed by Paul Tate dePoo III."

- Broadway Street Review

"The curtain rises to reveal scenic designer Paul Tate DePoo III’s interior set of the Rose household, a living/dining space of Trumpian excess that nearly made some audience members swoon."

- TicketToEntertainment

"No stage production could hope to duplicate the special effects of the cinema, but scenic designer Paul Tate DePoo III outdid himself with a stunning and richly detailed two-tiered set of the Roses' opulent home. The sold-out audience let out a collective gasp of appreciation when it was unveiled."

-  NewWorks.org

"A star of the production is set design by Paul Tate DePoo ll. An audible gasp by the audience and resulting applause at the big reveal of the interior of the Rose mansion was well deserved. As Stephen Sondheim wrote, 'God is in the details'. DePoo revels in detail."

-  DoverPost





Bud Martin

Scenic Design:

Paul Tate dePoo III    

Costume Design:

Wade Laboissonniere   

Lighting Design: 

Robert Denton

Sound Design: 

Broken Chord


*By special arrangement with Jay and Cindy Gutterman and Cathy Chernoff :


The stage version of the iconic novel-turned-film follows the legendary Jonathan and Barbara Rose as their seemingly perfect marriage devolves into a deadly search and destroy mission for each other’s most prized possessions.