"Paul Tate dePoo III has designed an amusing set that features Victor Frankenstein’s library on one side and his laboratory on the other, incorporating Matthew Young’s video design for the Transylvania Loew’s Theatre for the work’s signature number, Irving Berlin’s Puttin’ on the Ritz."

- Ladue News

"All the laughs, frenzied limbs, and unlikely love stories are backed by Paul Tate dePoo III’s captivating scenic design. From the hand-painted backdrop that resembles a midnight Northern Lights to the secret laboratory that will make you feel like you’re alone in your creepy childhood basement, dePoo certainly sets the right scene for this horror-parody."

- St. Louis Magazine

"I have to shine a spotlight on a couple of immensely talented people who poured their time and talents into the show behind-the-scenes. Paul Tate dePoo III’s scenic design exceeds all expectations. It single-handedly transports the crowd to Transylvania."

- Playback STL

"Paul Tate dePoo’s scenic design, and specifically the awesome backdrops and colorful laboratory equipment, are very effective. It's truly dynamic, and the tunes are just better with the lush treatment allotted them."

- Broadway World







Marcia Milgrom Dodge


Josh Rhodes 

Scenic Design:

Paul Tate dePoo III    

Costume Design:

William Ivey Long + Tracy Christensen     

Lighting Design: 

Robert Denton

Projection Design: 

Matthew Young   

Sound Design: 

John Shivers + David Young 

*The gang’s all here: Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Igor and the horse-frightening Frau Blücher – together again in scenic Transylvania to reanimate a monster. Only the deranged mind of Mel Brooks could have inspired such lunacy. As Mel’s 1974 movie comedy classic comes to bawdy, musical life onstage, you too will feel like “Puttin’ on the Ritz” as you revel in a madcap evening of mad scientists, yodeling lab assistants … everything you need for one hilarious Muny night!